Weingut Teutsch
Weingut Teutsch


The Merlot originates in France and has been cultivated in South Tyrol for some 100 years.
Its name derives from the French word “merle”, meaning merl or blackbird.
This bird is said to love the ripe grapes in particular. Its feature is its full-bodied, round taste and its subtle tannins. It has a high alcohol level but is low in acids. The nose is reminiscent of wild cherry and blackcurrant. The appearance strikes with a garnet to dark garnet tone.

Merlot is highly recommended to be paired with game, roast hare, game birds and savoury cheese. Shelf life is 4 to 5 years, outstanding vintages even longer.
Merlot is first fermented in stainless steel vessels, then matured in barrique-barrels.