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Type of Wine:

The Gewürztraminer is an autochthonous type of wine from South Tyrol.


The support system is a wire frame. To maintain a high quality standard, we keep the yield per hectare lower than from the other grapes, at about 70-90 dt/ha, depending on the vintage.


The speciality of this vinification is in the fairly long duration of maceration - about 12-18 hours. When working with flavour varieties, this helps to conserve the smell and flavour that are in the grape skin. Maturation takes place solely in stainless steel fermentation vessels. Over months, the fine yeast is kept in circulation by stirring occasionally. That makes the wine even more tasteful and intense! The wine is filled in bottles of 750ml with cork.


Colour: intense, golden yellow
Smell: aromatic, with a scent of roses and cloves
Taste: full-bodied and complex, pleasantly savoury

Wine Food

savoury cheese, crustacean or as aperitif

Drinking Temperature:


Waste Separation:

Bottle: glass - GL 70 (separate disposal)
Crown Cap: PVC – PVC 3 (separate disposal)
Cork: FOR 51 (separate disposal)

Please dispose properly according to the regulations of your area.