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Weingut Teutsch

Wine cellar

Our vineyards are located approximately 500 metres south from the village of Kurtinig, lying at an altitude of about 212 metres above sea level. The soil is robust, full-bodied and clayey. The grapes are directly processed on our winery in Kurtinig, also the maturation process of our wines takes place in our own cellar. 

 At the beginning of fermentation during the first 5-7 days, all of our red wines are “overpumped”, which means that the fermenting grape must is pumped off the bottom and is added on top of the same tank. This technique is labor-intensive, but a gentle way to keep the contact between the must and the grape skins. As a result, many substances are extracted from the grape skins. Also, due to the mostly high sugar content, a relatively high alcohol content is achieved.
The daily breeze coming from the lake Garda (called “Ora”), dries the grapes quickly after a rainfall. Thus, our grapes do not rot easily and we can harvest healthy grapes of good quality. We mostly produce dry wines. 

Weinernte 2018
Weinernte 2018Weinernte 2018Weinernte 2018Weinernte 2018Weinernte 2018