Weingut Teutsch



Our History:
Today the “Weingut Teutsch” is in hands of the third generation of the Teutsch-Family. In the 1960s, Fritz Teutsch started to process grapes in his antiquated premises. Back then, they focused more on quantity. Throughout the years, improvements have been made to be able to focus on a higher quality. The foundation in this regard was laid in 2002, when Martin Teutsch remodelled the cellar after a production break for about 10 years. Improvements where also made in the vineyards, and gradually the yields where reduced so that a higher quality standard could be met. Today, improvements are made in the agricultural production as well as in the cellar, in order to increase the quality of the wine.
Since 2017, the winery is managed by Florian Teutsch and his wife Rebekka.