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Red wines

The cellar is the centerpiece of our winery. Come and learn about the many nuances of our wines!


In South Tyrol it is not very common to cultivate this grapevine. It comes from the neighbouring region of Trentino. 


The Lagrein is a regional grapevine. Its color varies between ruby and garnet. The Lagrein has a dense and harmonious texture, which is reminiscent of violets and wild berries. This heavy wine matches well with game, dark meats, game birds and hard cheese. The wine can be storedfor up to 4 to 5 years, and with special vintages even longer. A serving temperature of 16-18°C is recommended. Lagrein is first fermented in stainless steel vessels, then matured in barrique-barrels.


This wine draws one with its full, dense and long-lasting aroma.
Its taste has a hint of blackcurrant, dried fruits and tobacco with some pungent, earthy shades. 


The Merlot originates in France and has been cultivated in South Tyrol for some 100 years. Its name derives from the French word “merle”, meaning merl or blackbird. This bird is said to love the ripe grapes in particular.


This name of our latest creation is the old name of a mountain near “Similaunhütte”. This cuvee (blended batch of wine) consists mainly of Merlot and Cabernet. This fruity and wholesome red wine has a mild and mellow touch and pairs perfectly with pungent starters and mild meat dishes.